Living an abundant life

Living an abundant life requires joy, perseverance, love, passion, but also risk, anger, pain, struggle, and suffering. If you are asking for only the good things in life and can’t embrace the challenges as also benefits, then you are fearing living a complete and balanced life. Creating a mindset of only happy living is unrealistic Read more about Living an abundant life[…]

Growth Starts with Acceptance

Growing comes from accepting the decisions you make. Good or bad, every decision has a consequence. To grow, accept responsibility for your life. Don’t blame others when things go wrong, and take the credit when things are right. Instead, be honest with yourself, learn from your mistakes, and appreciate those that have helped you get closer Read more about Growth Starts with Acceptance[…]

Action + Love = Power

I believe Action and Love are interconnected.  Love inspires you to move forward in life and to take action.  At the same time, to express love you must be willing to act on it. When you can allow love to flow through you, and then respond to that love with your action, this will become a Read more about Action + Love = Power[…]

Find the courage to move on

Is there something or someone in your life who is driving your crazy? Usually you’re not seeing eye to eye, or the situation is not working out the way you hoped. Fear will say, you can’t live without it. Or if you don’t fix it worst things will happen. Perfect love will cast out fear Read more about Find the courage to move on[…]

Let Faith Be Bigger Than Your Fears!

Is there something or someone causing you to think twice before you move forward? We all know what it means to look like “a deer in the headlights.” Scared to death. Fear will paralyze you and will stop you from accomplishing your deepest desire. Yes, it might be difficult. To some maybe even impossible. But Read more about Let Faith Be Bigger Than Your Fears![…]

Life is not Constant

Everyday is a new experience. There will be days of joy and happiness. As well as days of pain and sorrow. The worst thing a person can do is believe that everything is supposed to be “perfect”. Don’t chase life with a one-sided mindset. Being too happy or too sad will hurt you in the Read more about Life is not Constant[…]