An Authentic Personal Brand Starts with You Being Yourself

Building an authentic personal brand starts with you just being yourself. Society defines certain norms, such as, wearing a suit when you go for an interview, speaking properly, behaving respectfully.  All of these are important for succeeding in life.  However, it’s also equally important that in the journey of life, you don’t over-commit to a certain character that might not necessarily be you.  Socrates said “To find yourself, think for yourself”, meaning that in order to really know who you are, you have to willing to make choices on your own without following the herd.

stylish kid

Only 6 yrs old in this picture.

An example that comes to mind is my middle child, Angelo.  He has an amazing imagination, loves music and dancing. He has an expressive personality, so he likes his hair longer than most boys his age. When we attend formal events, he always tends to go towards a more stylish kind of outfit.  Not the typical suit and tie.  In the image above he was only 6 years old and already he knew what he wanted. He wore a tie that day, just as long as he could keep his Mohawk. That was a fair choice to me.

Since I understand the importance of self-expression, I would never force him to change his look.  On the other hand, I continue to encourage him to think for himself. To experience what life brings forth.  Only then will he learn his likes and dislikes.

When thinking of your own authentic personal brand, remind yourself of all the things that make you unique.  Be proud of the skills, talents, and of the way you have been designed.  Fall in love daily with your strongest assets that make you who you are.  Then highlight these attributes in your profiles and in your daily interaction with people.  This is the best way you can share your love with the world. When you can be yourself.

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